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Festive Shoreline Summer Begins With Festive Fish!

Derrick Buckspan

With over 19 years of experience in real estate and a background in building teams, Derrick and his teams continue to achieve award winning success fo...

With over 19 years of experience in real estate and a background in building teams, Derrick and his teams continue to achieve award winning success fo...

Jun 22 3 minutes read

This summer, RE/MAX Shoreline is excited to share the impressive work of Alison Bramhall of Festive Fish! Alison’s use of color, scale, balance and harmony inspire joy and happiness in all ages. For a touch of color and happiness, any time of year, you won’t want to miss her exhibit in our café. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm or by appointment.  Please read on to learn more about Alison.

A note from the artist:

"Born and raised on the coast of Maine, I grew up sailing the coast with my family and now tour the coast on a more intimate level in my sea kayak. I am constantly studying charts to find new places to explore. The first chart I created was to remember an amazing kayaking trip to Ireland. I have explored Ireland, Alaska and the Rock Islands of Palau via kayak but know nothing beats what is in my own backyard. I ask, 'Does it get any better than Down East?'

"I am constantly entertained by people thinking bright colors are just for kids. They walk into my booth or my home and smile, they tell me that I must have fun at what I do, and I do! They tell me how 'happy' my house is, and I think… Now why wouldn’t you want to be happy? So, if color makes you smile and color makes you happy, surround yourself with it! This is my attitude. Kids are happy people and maybe that is why people think that color is for kids. I think we can all learn from kids if we can just step back and forget the 'rules!' Whose rules are you living by anyway!? A bucket of paint can be the best therapy I know, take a chance, you might even smile! 

"I strive to bring happiness and joy into daily living. Charts are reminiscent of places we love, memories of vacations and time spent on the coast. Oars and pillows add a joyful splash of color reminiscent of the sea and sea life where we love to spend our time. Color in general makes us happy, it engulfs the space and washes joy over us. We walk into a joyful happy space and feel it. We smile and relax and feel at home or feel we want to spend some time there. Color nurtures us, we feel it in our soul. My clients want to duplicate this feeling in their living space and create a space that brings them joy."

At RE/MAX Shoreline’s Cafe, in the lower level at 88 Middle Street in Portland, from June through August, we invite you to come, relax, enjoy the vibrant colors and beautiful work of Alison Bramhall and also, to be happy! You can read more about Alison Bramhall at her website Should you wish to take some of her work home, we have a complete inventory and price list available to assist. You can also purchase some of Alison’s pieces such as pillows, tea towels, stationery, and more at Down East Magazine’s online shop here.

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